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Agreement and Conditions of Use

By accessing or using or www.advopro.com or www.advocacylawpractice.com (collectively "Website") you affirm that you understand and agree to the following disclaimers and terms of use controlling this Website:

Advocacy Law Practice LLC (hereafter "ALP") is a limited liability company. All material contained in this Website is the property of ALP and any copying or use of any expression, text, image, graphic, or other content contained on this Website without ALP's prior written consent constitutes an infringement of ALP's copyright and a violation of federal copyright law.

This Website provides general, educational information only and does not provide legal advice. The purpose of this website is only to provide users with the most rudimentary information about legal issues. Laws develop and change frequently and differ by jurisdiction. In addition, the legal principles described in this Website may apply differently given individual situations. For these reasons, ALP makes no representations or warranties, express or implied, as to the accuracy or validity of the information contained on this Website. Nothing on this Website should be relied upon as legal advice. Any person who relies on the information contained in this website assumes all risks.

ALP's professional staff is licensed to practice law only in the State of Maryland, the Commonwealth of Virginia and the District of Columbia. ALP's professional staff also possesses an inactive license in California, but the license would need to be activated to provide counsel in California. You should consult an attorney licensed in your state about your particular situation. Virginia does not certify specialists in the law, and ALP does not claim certification in any areas.

Nothing transmitted from or to this Website constitutes the establishment of an attorney-client relationship between you and ALP or any other law firm or attorney. Please also remember that no attorney-client relationship is established unless and until ALP has reviewed the case, determined that no conflicts of interest exist, decided to accept the case, and has entered into a written legal services agreement with you that sets for the scope of the representation, applicable fees, and other terms and conditions of representation.

ALP cannot and does not guarantee the accuracy of any information available through the links that you may or may not find on this Website from time to time. Nothing contained at this Website constitutes a recommendation or endorsement of any product, service, site or other entity. Any links on this site are provided solely as a matter of convenience to you as a member of the public.

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Privacy Policies

Advocacy Law Practice LLC (hereafter "ALP") is committed to protecting the privacy of its Website visitors and users. ALP does not collect any specific personal information about you, unless you provide the information to ALP. By submitting your information to ALP, you are authorizing ALP to use that information for the purpose of assessing whether ALP can provide you with legal counsel or advice. If you provide ALP your email address or telephone number, ALP will not reveal, sell, or distribute this information to third parties except to vindicate ALP's legal rights.

However, please remember that electronic communications and transmissions over the Internet are not always confidential because they are susceptible to interception by third parties. Any information that you transmit to ALP via this Website is transmitted solely at your risk.

Having said that, the privacy of clients and potential clients is critical to ALP. Therefore, ALP will guard the right to privacy and confidentiality of ALP's clients and prospective clients. ALP will never disclose any information about you to anyone, except as authorized by you to enable ALP to represent you or as permitted by law or by ethical regulations for the practice of law. Please remember, however, that although ALP will honor its ethical obligations to protect the confidences and secrets of prospective clients, this fact does not in any way establish an attorney-client relationship between you and ALP. If you desire more information about formation of the attorney-client relationship, please review "Agreement and Conditions of Use" on this Website.

ALP may disclose information to various third parties who are assisting ALP in providing services to you, such as appraisers, accountants, economists, real estate agents, and registry services. ALP may disclose personal information to third parties who are assisting you with your financial or insurance needs, such as your insurance agent or financial service provider. Thank you for visiting this Website. If you determine that the Advocacy Legal Practice LLC is best suited to help with your specific situation, ALP would be pleased to explore the possibility of assisting you. ALP may change these policies at any time wthout notice. Back to Top